Kanye West: Genius or Faux

Through out the course of history the creative world has seen its fair share of polarizing personalities. Creative minds with tortured souls that relish in the light of creativity and artistic endeavors but tend to fall short of social construct. These eccentric personalities stem from a dark place. Usually, misunderstood they fail to fully relate with the rest of the world. The true nature of their minds and their own reality is best personified in their art. They fall under the spotlight of the world and are forced to react to public concern where they often fail in horrid fashion. One figure stands out above the rest as the most polarizing and isolated of all. His art is praised almost as much as his personality and character are scorned by the general consensus. He goes by many names but Kanye West is the most renown. He is a jack of all trades and a master of Hip-Hop music. He is a fashion designer, rapper, producer, actor, entrepreneur and occasional rant virtuoso. His early music earned him a place at the top of the pop culture food chain and his latest music has presented him as a progressive connoisseur of a new wave of harder, darker, and abstract form of Hip-Hop which he has made much more pervasive within Pop and youth culture. His live shows are endearing light spectacles with acts and thematic sequences that make the whole performance feel like a modern day rock opera. It doesn’t feel like a concert or a Hip-Hop show. It’s bigger than the actual music itself; it’s art and one of the best kinds you could possibly find. His shoe and clothing line has hundreds of kids lining up at stores across the country where most of his products are eventually and expectedly sold out. Yet amidst all the impactful music and tantalizing visuals and all the different creative avenues West has hauled through; he is not perceived as your regular “stand up guy”. His actions have found him to be selfish, egocentric, narcissistic, neurotic, delusional, dramatic, ill tempered and the list goes on. He often tends to make the biggest claims at the most inappropriate time and his twitter account is a publicists’ worst nightmare. He has ruined life defining moments for other artist and has expressed his arrogance and ill temper in several interviews. His name is synonymous with the words douche bag and asshole. Many grunt and spawn repulsed expressions when his name is mentioned. Recently, he flipped off fans after a dysfunctional show during fashion week. So what makes Mr. West tick? What is the inspiration behind all the awesome and alluring art and what is the motivation behind all the controversy and foul mouthed dissonance? Is there actually a correlation between the two? Is it all purposely calculated and executed by Mr. West for one to compliment the other? Or can creative minds simply not exist without a dark side; an adversary in the form of bad personality traits or substance abuse the way we see with many great artists? Is he really a genius or just someone really good at playing one? Some argue that as time passes his music and lyricism steers further away from the quality of his earlier work. Some critique and point out the lack of true artistry and quality of his clothing such as his Pablo hoodie priced around $100 which in fact is just a simple Gildan hoodie with the words Life of Pablo printed on it something some say you can make at home with your local T-shirt printer for less. His constant quarreling with other innovators and entrepreneurs for not backing his vision could possibly be a testament to his artistic short comings or it could also be perceived that Mr. Wests’ vision is much more grandeur than most can grasp or begin to understand. From a young dreamer in rural Chicago to a multi-Million dollar brand across numerous mediums of art and consumerism; Kanye West has indeed achieved something. He continues to be hated and he continues to be admired. His personality is horrid and often unforgiving. His art resonates with a generation and is sought after by millions. Despite the pros and cons of the man that is Kanye, in the end he is still Kanye and the intention is not for self-aggrandizing nor is it stated in a negative connotation. It is shedding light on the fact that he means something to the world. Many of his predecessors and colleagues alike swiftly burnout into oblivion never to be heard or thought of again. Good or bad, genius or faux; Kanye West is Kanye West and will be in the public conscious for a long time. He has made himself out to be what most have failed to achieve; remembered. Whether by chance or pure design the feat is a milestone in itself.

Everybody gon’ say something 

I’d be worried if they said nothing”

-Kanye West