Sounds: Fabio Florido Boiler Room Set

Sometimes I just want to get away and since I can’t afford to travel this instant a mental departure is the next best thing. No I don’t mean drugs. I mean a cold beer or a cup of wine-depending on the mood and a relaxing mix to soothe and entrance my psychee. We’ve all been there after a long and arduous day of work or study or both. Those times where you just want to melt onto your bed and never recoupe again. Well, uncork that red wine or pop open a nice and cold Funky Buddha and relax to the sounds of German techno connoisseur; Fabio Florido. This awesome mix is three months old but it often still manages to serve as my go to therapeutic aid. This short mix will not hype and induce more deranged lunacy nor will it have you drag ass for the rest of the day. Instead Fabios Boiler Room mix will supply the perfect balance you need to escape┬áthat vexing mental exhaustion. If 28 minutes isn’t enough, let the video play on to the next ‘PLAYdifferently’ Boiler Room mix series to more┬áchill techno sounds from the likes of Richie Hawtin and Dubfire to name a few. Enjoy mo fo’s.