Listen Whilst: Dear Friday

Listen whilst…

Dear Friday,

Joyous, beautiful Friday. Oh how I’ve longed for you. Gnawing at my teeth. Cringing at every early morning I’ve had to endure hoping and praying that you’d be there tomorrow to hold me and remind me that this is the last time for just a little while. To remind me that freedom will ensue. That I will see the sun rise in the morning and not the sad and lonely moon. The best part of you has just begun-see- you are just the beginning of something beautiful. The cusp of fresh air and SLEEP. Oh, Friday. You give me hope when Monday and the other blokes always taunted me and brought my spirits down. Never mind the past. What matters is that you are here. I adore you Friday. I wish everyday was just like you. 🙂

Best Regards,