Sounds: Joe Hertz Sets the Mood in NEW EP

I REALLY enjoy surfing through Soundcloud and discovering all the great music it has helped slip through the cracks and into the publics conscience. Even amidst all its recent rebuttal and new business direction; gems still tend to sprout up and hit you right in the feels and this this five song EP hit me write in all the mellow and cool parts of me that had yet to be unearthed. The sounds, the beats, the tempos, the soulful vocals, the intricate simplicity-if that makes any sense-make for a wonderful ear friendly treat for anyone looking for something to think to, to love to or to vibe to. Joe Hertz knows what he’s doing; he is not on a quest to change “the game” or even blow your mind-he’s simply following his sonic arrow to take you on a breezy ride through auditory bliss. Take a listen: