My Ears Need a Challenge 

I need something new for my ears to wallow in. I need something to blow my mind. Music-as of late-has failed to challenge my ears and this realization has become a perpetual, mind numbing experience of sorts. I remember the day I first heard the Gorillaz. I spent the rest of that day gunning through their catalogue studying there genre defying artistry. Or the time I heard “stair way to heaven” and “dazed and  confused” (my favorite Zeppelin song) and realized that there is such a thing as Good music. Or the time I heard Justice and fell deep into the electronic music scene of the time before Swedish house mafia and Calvin Harris overshadowed it. Those records challenged my  ears, my mind and my musical perspective. They tested the limits of a genre or genres while also being very very good in their execution. What ever happened to all that music? Are we doomed? I remember a time when artist were taking advantage of the Internet platform and releasing endless amounts of the diverse and eccentric and great music we yearned for now it feels like the Internet is just what you use to try and get a following off of antics or aesthetic despite the lack of sustenance in the music. Have artist conformed to mediocrity or have we reached a plateau of musical ideas? You know when you come across some thing new and good and you feel refreshed? Yeah, I haven’t felt that in a long time. I think this is why we are so prone to stick with old artist. Why there albums are so anticipated perhaps we turn to to them for the answer-for that new musical fix they once gifted us. It’s not that there aren’t any good artist out there it’s just that my mind hasn’t been blown and my ears haven’t been challenged like they were once upon a time. I’m patiently waiting. There are gems out there waiting to be discovered.