Unknown Pleasures

Currently sipping a glass of red wine and listening to Joy Divisions Uknown Pleasures album on vinyl. It’s an original pressing, I usually only buy original pressings and that’s not me being a hipster, there is just something about being aware of the fact that it came from that time and it was used and passed down by someone from that moment in music that brings me closer to the music, brings me closer to the artist, brings me closer to that world. I could hear it in the crackle and pop and in the subtleties that make it original. I feel the history creeping up my spine as my mind transcends to that time and emotion. Ian’s vocals ramble on in the background in that out of tune, unorthodox but effectively obscure and depressing sort of way. It’s human, it’s relatable. We’ve all been Ian at some point. We just don’t want to be all the time. This is such a great a record. It’s simple in musicianship but somehow perfectly embodies how complicated it is to be alive. Well, I’m glad I am alive and able to listen and enjoy all the great music in the world. Toast to Ian and all the angsty people out there. Leave it all on the polyvinyl.