Fidel Castro: A Cuban Millenials Perspective

Ideaologies for the most part have been the effect to a cause and in turn advertised to the public as A cause. Reading in between the lines, dusting off the cob-webbed corners and digging graves of truth are the essentials before adhering to any movement or any “cause”. This man is the single greatest adversary to his own people and a hero/role model to many today. Just like the confederate flag is romanticized by those who ignore its symbolism to those who it set out to trample; this man-today-is still considered a revolutionary, an icon, a man who stood up against the US, instead of what it truly means to those he harmed; a dictator, a fascist, a murderer, un desgraciado, un hijo de puta but I digress.

Most of these kids who empathize with figures like Castro are either from central or South American countries that teach and practice anti-American imperialism or part of the very comfortable and privileged youth of the United States that have never experienced first hand the consequences of such “cause”. Free healthcare? I was diagnosed with Hepatitis at the age of 5 in Cuba after being hosptilized in one of Cuba’s unhygienic hospitals where needles and other health devices are often reused. My sister also has a faulty arm do Cubas “outstanding” patient care due to doctors malpractice when pulling her out of the womb. How about Cubas free education? My aunt was a doctor in Cuba and when she received her Visa and decided to come to the United States she was held back in Cuba for 6 years until she paid her tuition in full. Maybe the time I completed Kindergarten and shortly there after I had the opportunity to come the United States but Cubas education system refused to hand my parents a certificate unless $300 US dollars were paid because I was making my way to the free world.  Fidel Castro never even cared or did anything for “his” people as many paint him. Castro sent a letter to Russian leader Nikita Krushchev during the Cuban Missile Crisis of the 60’s giving Nikitia the go ahead to neutralize Cuba if an invasion were to take place. His excuse? the cause.

I hear and read all these positive notions of Castro. I see celebrities and athletes like Colin Kaepernick, a figure who has stood so diligently for his people and at the same time has abruptly and unapologeticly disrespected mine; so many of us dead; many who fled shot down at sea by  Castros direct orders. Kaepernick who has the beautiful freedom of saying what he wants and CHOOSING to do what he wants supports a man who executed and imprisoned everyone and anyone who dared oppose him. Who left a nation impoverished and in fear of ever expressing how they truly felt. Kaepernick has the right to choose and side and idolize with whom ever he desires and I would never fathom the thought of that right to be taken away from him as it was taken from my family and compatriots but I do have the right to call him and anyone who idolizes and supports such evil an ignorant and hypocritical fool who relish in the illusion of achieving a perfect system at the expense of others misery. There is NO such thing as a good dictator, EVER.